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Premiered Online October 19


A film of a speech by Bob Avakian

wwnIf you have agonized about the horrors of this society, but did not know why we face all this and thought there was no way out… this filmed speech will reveal why those outrages go on and how they can be changed.

GoFundMe has cancelled the campaign to raise funds to promote the new speech by Bob Avakian!

As a co-producer of this film, the Revolution Books Educational Fund is now accepting contributions toward the $5,000 needed for targeted social media advertising, focused on reaching college students.

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If you have thought that even if people could get together on it, revolution was not really possible up against the powerful repressive machinery we face… this filmed speech will challenge you. If you have hungered for fundamental change, but did not know where to begin… this filmed speech will give you the map you need and the way to connect.

This film is co-produced by The Bob Avakian Institute and the Revolution Books Educational Fund.

What We Do

The Revolution Books Educational Fund, Inc. supports the cutting-edge programming that Revolution Books is known for. 

Bob Avakian's speech, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible, is the single best work on the situation we face today—the challenges it poses to humanity, where it came from, and how to act against it.

The RB Educational Fund sponsored famed Kenyan novilist Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o reading from his prison memoir "Wrestling with the Devil" and in conversation with Revolution Books spokesperson Andy Zee at Revolution Books NYC on March 11, 2018.

We host a wide range of authors, artists, filmmakers and revolutionary theorists; we bring their novels, history, and analysis of crucial developments in the world today, and their art, films, and imagination, to Revolution Books. We facilitate “hot topic” discussions about the injustices of the system, outbreaks of resistance, and sharp conflicts and turmoil in the world. We sponsor study classes on revolutionary theory. And we host conferences and debates.

In our work and publicity, we continually reach out to and aim to build new and ever-expanding audiences: from the surrounding neighborhood in Harlem, from across NYC and the country, and other parts of the world. We distribute complimentary educational materials, including books, to high school and college classes, and to the incarcerated.

We disseminate our public programming in audiovisual and print format, and make this available on our website. Major programs will also be produced as DVDs for public use, with complementary distribution for educational purposes.

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