About Us

The Revolution Books Educational Fund, Inc. is a not for profit (501c3)  incorporated in New York State in August 2015. It is the public education partner of Revolution Books in NYC: “the bookstore about the world for a radically different world.” Accordingly, we are dedicated to reaching the widest possible audiences to further deep engagement about why the world is the way it is and the possibility of a radically different way the world could be.

A focus of our mission is to project and promote engagement and dialogue with the pathbreaking work of Bob Avakian. This work embodies the most advanced scientific theory to deeply understand the world and to discover the pathways to radically transform it. This new communism is the architecture to make an actual revolution to emancipate humanity.

To fulfill its core mission, the Revolution Books Educational Fund, Inc. also fosters interaction and debate with the key political, intellectual and cultural trends in the world today. This, in the back and forth with the new communism, contributes to people being able to learn about the rich and complex history of humanity, the driving forces underlying the brutal reality of the contemporary world, and the possibilities for a very different world, one in which human beings could truly flourish.